Data Sharing

The latest construction management software to grow your business

Our Apps come with various methods of data sharing built in, from traditional systems such as email and SMS...

to built in messaging services and web apps. Team members registered for a particular project may share data through secure links or, depending on security needs, may be able to access data from password protected pages in accordance to their security clearing.For sharing Data with third parties, clients or potential business liaisons, our Apps will allow you to export and email relevant and information at the touch of the button.

Our apps also make liberal use of push notifications. These are special app-exclusive notifications which notify users of new messages or events even when the user is not actively using or logged on to the application. This bypasses the chore of your staff having to select and log on to the app every day they come to work, after the initial registration, the app does everything for them.

Generally, our consultations map out like such:

Logging in is a simple task. Just like other familiar systems, an email address and password is all that it takes to make an account on your companies unique app. From then on, anyone with the correct log in credentials can log in as a specific type of user depending on their security privileges. Baseline security privileges are as follows


This role is best suited for inspectors or participants who do not have an active role in the company, and thus would have a not need to see background or other such information. Observers may access and view allocated information, but may not input or change any of it.


Members are the default staff allocation, and have access to view the relevant information of their department. They may also add and edit information in accordance with the completions of tasks or the necessity to take on new tasks.


Admins have the ability to view all the information on a system, and may add, edit and input new data on tasks across all fields.


An owner is given access to all the information in the system, similar to the admin, but is also able to review and analyse statistical data based on the information acquired by the app.