Features & Benefits

The latest construction management software to grow your business

As technology grows, the potential to create more and more complex systems.

Complete Notification Control

including integration into 3rd party app you may already be using. Control alerts for email, in app alerts, push notifications, SMS and even custom integration (where possible) into 3rd party apps and systems you already using.

Custom Form Designer

core feature, same as user privileges. Allowing your own forms to be automated and shared quickly and easily.

70% Custom Workflow

Work hand in hand with the developers on fine tuning the app around your workflow, resulting in intuitive operation

Live on Site Data Integration

into existing office systems. Able to live transfer data from the app into your existing back end database or management system

Forms can easily integrate pictures

from your camera or photo library. Quickly capture an image or choose from your library, insert into your form and it’s stored safely in the cloud (future update will allow pics will be editable with text overlay)

Cloud based, entirely

No data management or security worries, all your data is always there if your devices aren’t

Forms and reports visible in multi format

and reply able and editable in numerous formats. Choose how to display your forms, charts, graphs, PDF’s or emails. Choose who and how can see and edit simply and quickly

Instant reporting across any type of data

Easily build financial and performance reports for analysis with choice of display, whether graph, pie chart, bar chart etc

Automated Workflow

Set up automation of invoices and other forms to automatically share, generate another form or alert, and integrate into 3rd party accounting systems automatically

Complete control of users and privileges

Create user types (client, sub contractor etc) and access privileges (who can do what with your data) for the whole team